3 Simple Fixes for a Driveway Gate That Won’t Open

Your driveway gate might be a wonderful thing, but if it is not opening as it is supposed to, it could be a temporary source of frustration. Luckily, in some cases, the cause of these problems is actually really easy to fix on your own. These are a few simple fixes that might help you get your driveway gate working again.

1. Check the Power

First of all, you will want to make sure that your driveway gate is getting the power that it is supposed to. Make sure that the power switch is switched on before proceeding. If it is, you may want to check the plug to ensure that there isn't a tripped breaker or other issue that is preventing your driveway gate from getting power.

2. Check the Remote Batteries

Another simple fix is to check the batteries on your remote. Some remotes actually have indicator lights that let you know that the batteries are dead, while others do not. Switching out the batteries might be just what you need to get your gate working again, and you can then have a fresh set of batteries that should last for some time. While you're at it, consider stocking up on a few extra sets of batteries for your remote so that you have them when you need them.

3. Check for Debris

Debris can get in the way and cause your driveway gate not to open in a few ways. First of all, if there are sticks or other pieces of debris in the track, your gate might attempt to open but might not be able to. Additionally, there could be debris in front of the sensor that is preventing the gate from opening. Walking around and looking for sticks, leaves and even lizards may help you find the source of the problem, and simply clearing away whatever is in the way of the sensor or the track could be enough to get your gate back opening again.

In some cases, you might find that you need to have your automatic driveway gate checked out by a professional. Then, you may be able to get the problem resolved more quickly and save a bit of cash. If you've tried these three tips and nothing works, it's a sign that you'll need professional help. Call a company like Gibson Construction Of Nevada Inc to learn more about installation and repairs.