Two Tips To Help You Avoid A Clogged Toilet

Few things can be as disconcerting as going in to flush your toilet, only to find that the waste materials in the commode do not get sucked down the drain. This can be frustrating because you know that it means you'll have to either spend time trying to get the clog out yourself or use up already-budgeted funds to get a professional plumber on the scene. The best way to avoid this scenario is to start taking measures today that can keep a clogged toilet from becoming a problem in your home. Use this information to learn more about what you can do to keep clogged toilets at bay for as long as possible.

Switch Over To 1-Ply Toilet Paper

The first thing you should do when you're trying to avoid clogging up your toilet is make the switch to 1-ply toilet tissue. This is beneficial for a number of different reasons.

Understand that although you may be used to the plush thickness of 2-ply tissue, it may not be the practical choice. Because 2-play toilet tissue has more than one layer of paper, it doesn't readily dissolve once it comes into contact with the water in your toilet bowl. Over time, the tissue that hasn't dissolved could begin to accumulate just beneath your toilet bowl. This can result in a nasty clog that you'll have to get rid of.

That's why it's such a good idea for you to use 1-ply tissue. It is highly biodegradeable so there's less of a chance for it to start to build-up the way that 2-play tissue can.

Mind What Goes Into Your Toilets

Another tip that can help you keep your toilets free of clogs is to mind what goes into your commodes. Although you may think that your toilet can handle the Q-tips, cotton balls and other toiletry items that you choose to chuck into it, you might be mistaken. These are the very items that may end up causing a clog. 

Instead, only allow liquid and solid waste to go into your toilets. That's what the devices are designed for and what they are built to handle.

You have what it takes to keep clogged toilets from becoming an issue at your house. Using preventative measures is the key to keeping your toilets operating properly. Start using these tips today so you can enjoy toilets that work properly for the long haul.