Good Home Preperation Advice for Winter

If you have recently moved to a colder region than what you are used to, then you may need to learn how to properly prepare for those winter months, especially if you are going to be dealing with ice and snow for the first time. Here are some of the things you should consider doing once the winter months start approaching so you know you are well prepared for those conditions:

Have the chimney cleaned

Letting your chimney go without proper cleaning for too long can end up causing a fire hazard. It's a good idea to have a chimney cleaning company come out each year to clean it before you use your fireplace or wood burning stove for the season.

Drain and store hoses

Twist off all of your outside hoses, drain any remaining water out of them, and store them away for the winter. This will prevent them from undergoing excess wear and help to prevent water from backing up and freezing, leading to frozen pipes and a potentially horrible plumbing situation.

Protect pipes

Go around the exterior of your house and look for exposed pipes. If they aren't already insulated, then you should put insulation tape on them to help prevent freezing. Also, leave faucets dripping if their pipes that go directly outside your home.

Take precautions with your roof

You want to make sure your roof is in great condition before the harsh weather sets in. Look at the ceiling and tops of the walls in all of the rooms throughout your house. If you see any areas where there are stains that appear to be somewhat new, then the roof may have a leak. You can check for leaks with a hose and an assistant by wetting the roof while your helper stays in the house and watches for signs of a leak, or you can call a roofer out to inspect for leaks. Also, if it snows where you are, then you may want to put rock salt on the roof in areas known for getting ice dams. 

Once you now that you have taken precautions to get through the winter months without weather conditions taking a toll on your home, you will be able to welcome the season with much less worry. You should always keep the numbers of plumbers and roofers on hand so you can call someone out right away if you find yourself dealing with a house disaster at any time due to the winter weather.