Dealing With Gurgling Noises From Sinks

Have you been trying to figure out why the sink drains in your house make gurgling noises? The noises might be a sign that something serious is about to happen, such as the plumbing system backing up. This is likely wastewater sitting in the plumbing lines that is struggling to pass through the system. There are several areas of the plumbing system that a plumber might need to inspect before the problem can be resolved. In this article, you will learn about some of the things that might be done to diagnose and repair your gurgling drains.

An Inspection of All Plumbing Fixtures Might Be Done

A plumber might inspect all of the plumbing fixtures in your house rather than simply looking at the gurgling sinks. The reason why is because it will give him or her a good idea in regards to the extent of repairs that might need to be done. For instance, problems from all of the plumbing fixtures might point to a more serious problem than if only a few of them are problematic. You are either dealing with the pipes inside of your house needing some attention, or the main sewer line might be the root of the problem. Even a minor plumbing problem should be a big concern, as it can lead to bigger problems in an untimely manner.

The Pipes in Your House Might Be Pumped & Cleaned

If the pipes inside of your house are found to be causing the gurgling sounds, a plumber might have to send trapped debris out of them. He or she can use a pump for the job, as it is able to send large amounts of pressure into the pipes. After the pipes have been pumped, the plumber might need to clean them out in case all of the debris didn't leave out of the pipes. Drain cleaning products can be used for cleaning out the pipes, such as a commercial grade that can break up debris easily. The pipes can also be snaked to clear out debris.

A Plumber Might Have to Work on the Main Sewer Line

If the plumbing lines inside of your house are not found to be clogged up, a plumber like Walters Environmental Services might inspect the main sewer line. Basically, the main sewer line is located outside, and it is connected to every pipe inside of your house. When something is trapped inside of the main sewer line, it can cause problems for the other pipes that make up your plumbing system. Jetting the main sewer line might take care of the problem with gurgling noises.