Have A Custom Tiny Home Created For Your Aging Parent

When parents get older, they are not always able to fully take care of themselves. Many parents do not want to go to a retirement home when they are still able to do many things for themselves. If your parent has reached a place in life where they may need a little help from time to time, consider having a custom home built for them behind your home. The guide below walks you through a few things to know about having a tiny home built for your aging parent.

Your Parent Does Not Need a Lot to Maintain

Your aging parent does not need a huge home to maintain. A tiny home can be created with all of the amenities that your parent needs to be happy and healthy, while still living an independent lifestyle. Since the home will be located on your property, you will be maintaining the landscaping for them and if anything goes wrong, they can simply call you to come and help them.

The Home Will Not Be Too Costly

Tiny homes are very affordable to have constructed. Not a lot of materials are needed to create a tiny home, which greatly cuts down on construction costs. The homes can be established with a water catch and compostable toilet so that no direct plumbing needs to be run to it, as well. You could even have solar panels mounted to the roof if you want to eliminate electricity costs, as well. These will be a slightly more expensive initial investment though.

The Home Can be Customized

A tiny home can be customized to suit the needs and style of your parent. You could have a walk-in tub added to the home so that your parent can easily get in and out of the tub safely when they need to bathe. The home could also have a modified kitchen in it so that your parent can cook the basic things that they need to cook when needed.

Having your parent nearby will give you peace of mind. You can check on them any time you choose and they will feel better knowing that they are not completely alone, but are able to still have their independence. When you hire a contractor to create the home for your parent, be sure to have your parent be a part of the meeting so that their specific desires can be heard and met so that they can absolutely love their home when everything is said and done.

Talk with a custom home builder like Christin Homes for more information.