Tips To Avoid Common Summer Plumbing Problems When Your Family Is At Home

If you don't want to have to call the plumber this summer, make sure that you take steps to avoid having to deal with plumbing issues in the first place. Here are a few tips that will set you on the right summer plumbing path when your family is at home and putting more stress on your plumbing system them usual.

#1 Limit Your Toilet Paper Usage

In the summertime, when you and your kids are home from work and school and are using your toilet more often, clogs can become more common due to the extra strain put on your toilet. Teach your children to be careful with not overloading the toilet. If you have young children, teach them how to effectively use toilet paper and remind all of your family members that it is better to flush twice than to stack the toilet paper sky high and try to flush the toilet. This should help you prevent clogged summertime toilets.

#2 Use Your Washing Machine At Night

With more traffic in your house during the summertime, you may need to change when you use your washing machine. Although it makes sense to run the washing machine during the day when your kids are at school and you are at work, when everyone is at home, you don't want to run the washing machine as well.

Try to run your washing machine in the evening, after everyone is in bed, to limit the stress that your water usage puts on your plumbing system. Also, make sure that you keep your washing machine a few inches away from the wall to ensure that you don't experience any kinks in your washing machine water lines.

#3 Watch What You Put Down The Drain

Finally, be careful with what you put down the drain. It can be tempting to put your apple peels and other fruit peels down the drain and just turn on the garbage disposal. However, just because your garbage disposal breaks up the material a little bit, that doesn't mean it will not still clog up your pipes.

Teach your family about composting this summer, and create a compost pile outside of your house. Work together to put all fruit and vegetable scraps into your compost pile instead of down your drain. Fruit and vegetable peels are one of the biggest reasons your pipes end up getting clogged in the summer time, although it is a good idea to limit all food scraps that you put down your drain.

Teach your kids how to properly use toilet paper, run your washing machine at night, and don't put food waste down your kitchen sink to limit plumbing issues this summer.