Simple Ways To Increase Storage In And Around Your Single-Family Home

Moving in or out of a home? Worried about storage? Single-family dwellings can often be lacking in sufficient storage space for all of your belongings, objects, and furnishings. Talk with building contractors about clever ways to carve-out storage where there may be little-to-none.

Some simple ways to increase storage in your home are:

Extend with concrete. Talk with contractors about leveling concrete for a pad or patio that will extend the back of your home for outdoor storage. Protect your pad or patio with an overhead awning or structure that will provide shelter for your stuff. Companies like Ace Mudjacking & Concrete Leveling can help with this.

Buy a building. Invest in an out-building of some kind to handle the overflow of storage from inside the home. This structure doesn't have to be a shed; a gazebo provides ample storage year-round as long as you use protective totes or tarps.

Utilize your stairs. Many builders are creating storage in the risers of steps or underneath the stairway. Risers can be made to act as drawers that pull out to store apparel or linens, while a stairway may have room below to create a small, oddly-shaped closet.

Create cubbies. Another creative way to make a little more space is in the walls, behind your sheetrock. Have contractors cut-in between beams and studs to create inserts that you can use to store small items, beauty products, or food items.

Go low. What about the wasted space under your feet? Talk with a contractor about creating pull-up doors that hide a dry crawlspace or cubby for you to tuck things like seasonal apparel, outdoor gear, or extra shoes.

Aim high. When you live in a smaller space, you may have to think vertically when it comes to storage. There is often wasted overhead space so consider suspending baskets or bins, or create higher-than-usual shelving overhead to tuck goodies and store small items.

Move off-site. Another way to store your stuff is to rent a storage unit off-site. These can be practical ways to store seasonal goods and outdoor items. If you don't want to pay the rental, go ahead and have a yard or tag sale to clear out your extra stuff!

Use these tips to create more storage space in your home or single-family dwelling. Get clever and come-up with ways that will take advantage of wasted area, or make this the time to downsize and clear the clutter. Either way, you will find life simpler and more convenient when you can stow your stuff out of sight!