No Central Air And It’s 100 Degrees: How To Cope

If you're one of the unlucky few who are living without central air this summer, it can feel like a punishment for bad behavior. There are a few ways to cope and make the problem a little bit easier:

Use Fans Liberally

Fans are perhaps the most affordable way to make your home a little cooler. You could use fans to circulate the air in your home and make it feel immediately a little bit more bearable in your home. Try positioning the fans just far enough apart so that where one fan's reach ends, the next one begins. You can have almost a complete cooling system by picking up the air and circulating it through a series of fans. 

Use Water

You can complement fans by using more water to cool off. Use it on a cool compress and let the breeze disperse fresh air to your face. But don't forget that staying hydrated is, in itself, a great way to keep cool. 

Try a Humidifier

A humidifier or dehumidifier can work great to aid you in feeling more comfortable in a home without central air. The machine puts your home's air at a more tolerable level of humidity, whether that means adding or removing moisture to make the home's air more breathable. 

Look at Window AC Units 

Talk with a heating and cooling specialist about different options for adding a little bit of cool to your house. One affordable option, if you don't want to invest in central air, is window AC units that are placed strategically throughout your home. These units will provide a little bit of cool, but fans can augment the effect and move cold air through your home. There are some other, environmentally-friendly options to try too; think about heat pumps and geothermal pumps that move heat in or out of your home to control temperature.

Think About Getting Central Air

Central air is really the most comprehensive solution for controlling heat and cold in your home. And the benefit of it is that it is much more energy friendly than other methods, such as window air conditioner units. Perhaps there is a way your heating and cooling specialist can bring down the costs of installing central air by concentrating the system into the core areas of your home. It's worth talking about with a specialist who can suggest many alternate heating and cooling options for your home. 

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