3 Important Maintenance Steps For Concrete Driveways

Your concrete driveway is an important part of your home and is used almost every single day. If you're not careful, though, it can start breaking down that then affects its structural makeup and visual appearance. Avoid these headaches by maintaining the concrete driveway in the following ways. 

Keep Surface Clean

Your driveway is exposed to a lot of harmful chemicals over the years, such as motor oil. These substances can seep down into the surface and affect your driveway's appearance. You can keep the surface looking great, though, by simply keeping it clean.

Every month or so, get a pressure washer and spray dirty areas off. The pressurized water coming from this machine should be enough to remove substances, even if they've had time to cake on for a long time. 

For pesky oils that simply aren't coming off, you can use normal kitty-litter. It should soak up hard-to-remove motor oils quickly. If this doesn't work, try using biodegradable/industrial cleaners. 

Fill in Cracks 

Cracks naturally develop on your driveway over time because of the weather elements, but you shouldn't just leave them be. They will, after all, only get bigger with time. Take proactive measures by filling them as soon as they develop.

For this repair job, you'll need concrete crack filler. It can be purchased at any local hardware store. Apply this filler inside the crack completely and pack it down. Once it has had time to fully dry, a protective seal will form. Water will then no longer be able to seep down and affect your driveway. 

Hire a Concrete Repair Company

If your driveway is severely damaged with cracks and large holes, you'll need help from a concrete repair company. They'll send out a team of professionals, who can repair these blemishes as quickly as possible and in a safe manner. After they're finished, they'll mark off areas that need time to dry to ensure the treated area isn't compromised 

These repair companies also offer seal coating, a process that involves putting down a protective coat over your entire driveway. It makes it less prone to damage, such as cracking and chipping, and also gives it a fresh appearance. 

If you're like many homeowners, you probably don't have time to deal with complex and stressful problems regarding your concrete driveway. You can avoid them for a long time if you come up with a maintenance plan that addresses your driveway's structure and aesthetics.