Window Replacement Mistakes To Avoid

Replacing a window can be a good opportunity to get a product that will offer you better performance and value for your money. Unfortunately, many people make certain mistakes when it's time to replace their windows. This may mean missing out on certain advantages, but it could also mean more. If you avoid these mistakes, the difference will be noticeable.

Replacing with the Same Window Type

If it has been years since you replaced your windows, replacing with the same type of window means that you're ignoring all the improvements that have been made in window technology in the years that have gone by. Windows are constantly being improved to make them more:    

  • Secure    

  • Energy efficient    

  • Aesthetically pleasing

Using the same old window means failing to get the best available option.

Considering Immediate Costs Only

It's easy to only see the store price of a window when buying it. When you're not eager to spend too much money on a window, it's easy to go for a cheap window. However, there are other costs that you need to consider including:    

  • Maintenance costs    

  • Cost of energy lost    

  • Replacement costs instead of damage etc.

When all these costs are considered, the most cost-effective window isn't likely the one with the lowest sticker price.

Ignoring Security

Quite often, windows are the weakest point of your home. They are the go-to entry points for many burglars and security has to be a factor when you're shopping for a window. When it comes to window security, you have to think about the glass, the frame and the hardware such as the latch.

As far as the glass is concerned, it's not just about whether the glass can be broken but the level of transparency. When you need a security guard to be able to see what's going on inside a building, transparency can be a good thing. Putting impact windows in the most visible areas of your home will help you thwart intruders who would otherwise break through a picture window.

DIY Installation

Installing your own windows is almost always a mistake. Poor installation of a window can compromise its performance, durability, and even result in damage during the installation process. Leave the installation of your windows to a residential window contractor.

Modern windows come with a host of advantages and manufacturers will even offer guarantees. If you install your windows on your own, you may fail to enjoy the advantages and could also void the warranty that comes with the windows. That's a chance that's not worth taking.