3 Ways To Use The Gunk From Your Rain Gutters

Cleaning out your rain gutters is essential when it comes to ensuring proper drainage. Most homeowners take the time to clean out rain gutters in the fall or at least contact a company like Rocky Mountain Roofers & Gutters to do it for them, since leaves shed from trees can accumulate in the rain gutters quickly during the fall season. Before you throw out the gunk that you scrape out of your rain gutters, consider giving that gunk a second chance by using it in one of the following ways.

1. Lawn Fertilizer

Fall is a great time to add an organic fertilizer to your lawn. The organic materials will break down throughout the fall and winter months, providing your grass with the nutrients it needs to withstand the harsh weather during winter.

Leaving intact leaves on your lawn can be detrimental because it blocks sunlight from reaching the grass itself. The gunk from your rain gutters can act as a fertilizer that will not create a barrier between your grass and the sunlight. Just spread a thin layer of the gunk across the surface area of your lawn to promote better growth the following spring.

2. Mulch

Organic mulch plays a valuable role in protecting delicate trees and shrubs from the ravages of winter. A layer of organic mulch can provide protection against harsh temperatures and restore any nutrients that have been stripped from the soil.

The decomposing leaves, branches, and other materials that make up the gunk in your rain gutters can make an affordable and effective mulch. Apply the gunk directly to your flower beds and around the base of your trees. Use caution not to pile the mulch around the base of the stems or trunks of your plants, as this could lead to poor growth or injury to the plants themselves.

3. Yard Decor

The time to clean out rain gutters in preparation for winter typically falls around the Halloween holiday. You can use the gunk that you remove from your rain gutters to help you decorate your yard for trick-or-treaters.

Most stores sell decorative bags that resemble jack-o-lanterns or witches. The gunk from your rain gutters can fill these decorative bags. Since the gunk that you clean from your gutters is pliable, you will be able to mold the bags to the proper shape with ease once they have been filled.

Before you toss the gunk that you clean out of your rain gutters into the trash, consider giving this refuse a new purpose in your yard.