Wet Basement? Waterproof It

Wet basements are a drag. No one likes to go in their basement when it's damp and smells musty. A wet basement also becomes virtually unusable. You certainly can't lay down carpeting and set up a theater room or even store things without worrying about everything becoming wet. Thankfully, there are basement waterproofing companies that can fix the problem for you. Here is what you should know about the process.

Identify The Source Of The Problem

Improper Gradeif the ground around your home's foundation isn't properly graded, it can allow water to enter your basement. The ground needs to be slanted away from the house. A slope toward the house will lead to problems.  

Bad Gutterswhen gutters are poorly installed or they aren't properly maintained, they can cause a wet basement. Gutters need to be hung properly. They also need to be cleaned regularly. Gutters that are sagging or clogged with leaves and other organic matter can't carry the rainwater away.

Cracks In The Wallfoundations can develop cracks over time, especially if the surrounding soil doesn't drain well. The resulting outside pressure of the water needs somewhere to go, and seeping through your basement walls is its only course. Installing French drains around the perimeter of the house can reduce this pressure and water-saturated soil.

No Dehumidifiereven the best of basements is prone to moisture. Using a dehumidifier can help reduce the condensation that collects in some environments.

Waterproof The Interior

Basement waterproofing service professionals have several options for waterproofing the interior. Cracks will be filled with a special sealant first. They may opt to use a special coating on the walls of your basement that will keep water out. They may also decide installing a system of insulated waterproof panels are best for your situation. These panels are an especially good choice for those who want their basement to be a usable and livable space in their home.

Waterproof The Exterior

In addition to taking care of any outside issues such as the gutters or grade, the basement waterproofing professional may decide that the soil around the home needs to be excavated. This will allow them to make repairs to external cracks and then apply a special coating to the entire foundation to prevent future issues. This is also the perfect opportunity to install any drainage systems, such as French drains, and then refill with gravel rather than soil.