Keep Your Pole Barn Building And Maintenance Costs Low

Saving money is awesome, and fortunately you can save when constructing your pole barn, and even over the years as you maintain the barn. However, saving money isn't automatic; you have to know what to do. You've come to the right place; here are some money-saving tips that can take you a long way.

Hire a Contractor

Set aside the online tutorials you found to build a barn. In the long run, hiring a contractor to construct your building will help you keep your costs lower. In terms of building, contractors often have access to higher-quality materials, without the markup that often comes on the retail side. When it comes to column placement, the more durable the wood, the fewer columns, and truss you need to support the structure, which can translate into reduced costs. 

Consider the Climate

The local climate will have an effect on the level of wear and tear that your building experiences, so it's only right that you consider the climate when you select your building materials. For humid climates, you might want to avoid a metal roof. In this type of environment, condensation can buildup on the underside of the roof. Any insulation near the roof will inadvertently be destroyed by the extra moisture. Even the roof itself is at risk of advanced wear due to corrosion. A wood roof would work better in this instance. 

Research Liners

Look at the different liner options before you just settle on drywall. Drywall is excellent, but depending on how the barn will be used, it might not be necessary. For instance, if the barn will primarily be used for storage purposes, it's almost a waste of money to invest in drywall, given its powerful insulating qualities, which aren't necessary for this scenario. A wall liner system can seal the interior and work just as well in this instance. 

Install a Sliding Door

If the pole barn is climate-controlled, you should choose a sliding door over a garage-style door. Garage-style doors are notorious for air leaks and remember the more air leaks, the greater the temperature imbalance, and the higher your heating and cooling costs. Sliding doors are sealed and more airtight. Additionally, assuming the garage-style door is manual, it's much easier to open a sliding door than an overhead door and they typically come with lower costs. 

Remember, you can save money and enjoy a quality-constructed barn. Keep these tips in mind, partner with a great builder, and you'll be well on your way. Get in touch with a company like O'Neil Building Systems to learn more.