4 Tips To Help With Maintaining Masonry Paving In Your Landscaping And Dealing With Damage

If you want attractive hardscaping, brick and masonry can be a great choice, but it can also be vulnerable to damage. These pavements will need maintenance and repairs to ensure they last, and damage does not spread. You will want to make sure to have the right foundation for the pavers, as well as a protective coating for example. The following tips will help you with the maintenance and repairs to your masonry paving used in hardscaping for landscaping design:

1. Reinforced Layer of Concrete to Support Stone or Brick Pavements

Some of the problems that you may have with stone or brick pavements are the pavers sinking, cracks forming and erosion problems. Therefore, it is important that the pavers have a good foundation or base to be installed on. This foundation can be compacted sand and gravel, as well as concrete with a layer of sand. It is better to use a concrete foundation for the foundation for brick driveways to prevent problems.

2. Applying A Protective Pavement Sealer to Protect Masonry Pavements from Damage

The brick pavement you use for hardscaping is also very vulnerable to wear and tear. To prevent much of the wear that your pavement is susceptible, have it coated with a pavement sealer. This type of protective sealant application is called seal coating, and you will want to use a clear sealant to preserve the look of your new pavement.

3. Keeping Your Masonry Pavement and Hardscaping Free of Debris That Causes Damage

Your pavement is vulnerable to wear by many causes, such as debris and the growth of moss on pavers. To prevent problems with masonry pavements, it is important that you may sure your pavement stays clean. Occasionally, you can clean the surface with a pressure washer, but make sure it is on a lower pressure setting, with a wide nozzle spray to avoid damaging the mortar joints.

4. Repairing Cracks and Dealing with Erosion Problems That Occur Overtime with Masonry

Over the years, there are likely going to be problems with cracks and erosion. It is important to get control of these issues. If you want to prevent severe damage, it is important to repair minor cracks and damage as soon as you notice them. In addition, you may want to use landscaping and erosion control systems to protect your masonry pavements.

These are some tips to help with the maintenance and repairs that masonry hardscaping is going to need over the years. If you are thinking about brick or stone pavers for your landscaping design, contact a masonry contractor to ensure they are installed correctly and will last. 

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