4 Autumn Tree Care Tips To Help With Prepare For The Winter Months

Soon, winter will be here and you want to make sure that the plants and trees in your landscaping are ready for cold weather. There may be problems with storm damage or emergency care that needs to be done, or maybe some necessary work with watering and ground covering. The following tips will help you with autumn tree care that needs to be done before the cold weather arrives:

Inspecting Your Trees For Damage That Needs Emergency Care Before Winter

During the summer and early autumn months, severe weather can cause damage to your trees. While some of the damage may be visible, there are times when the damage may be difficult to spot. It is a good idea to talk with a tree service provider for help checking your trees after severe weather and to do any emergency care that is needed before the winter months.

Watering and Treating The Soil To Prepare Dry Winter Weather That Will Be Coming

The winter months bring a lot of changes in weather, and sometimes this includes droughts with dry winter winds. Therefore, it is important that your plants get plenty of water before the winter months. In addition, you want to make sure that the soil at the base of the tree has plenty of nutrients and is aerated well. Autumn is a good time to treat the soils with nutrients and other additives to prepare for the winter months. 

Mulching or Ground Cover To Protect Trees During The Winter Weather To Come

If the base of a tree is exposed to dry winter winds, this can cause vulnerabilities during droughts and extremely cold weather. To prevent these problems, apply mulch materials to the base of the trunk. Doing this will help prevent the evaporation of moisture and insulate the roots to protect them against cold temperatures. 

Treating Trees For Pests and Protecting Them From Winter Animals That Cause Damage

Lastly, you want to make sure that your trees are protected from winter pests, like insect larvae beneath the bark or foraging animals like deer, which can cause severe damage to trees. First, make sure that any pest problems have been treated, and then add animal deterrents to protect against damage during the winter months.  

These are some tips to help with the tree service that needs to be done to prepare your trees before the cold weather arrives. If you need help with caring for your trees the autumn, contact a tree care service for help preparing them for autumn.