Got A Lot Of Trees? 2 Reasons To Remove One Or More Of Them

If you have a lot of trees in your yard, this can make a lot of shade, and trees are beautiful. There are some cases, however, when you should have one or more of the trees removed. Below is more information about this so you can decide if you want to keep your trees or not.

Protect Your House

If you have trees that are planted near your home, you may need to remove them. This does depend on how close the trees are and what type of trees you have. For example, some trees have very deep and spread out root systems. In this case, the roots could penetrate the foundation of your home, causing cracks to appear in your foundation. Some cracks are normal, but a lot of cracks are not. If the cracks are abnormal, you have to have your foundation repaired.

Trees can also be dangerous if they are very close to your house because they could fall during a storm. Branches could also fall off the trees due to storms or if the branches were weighed down with ice during the winter. The branches could then fall on your roof, causing roof damage. If you would like to keep these trees, contact a tree service company. They could determine if they could keep the tree trimmed enough to prevent damage from branches.

Protect Sewer System

If you have a sewer system in your backyard, trees can easily cause damage to it. You should first determine if the trees have shallow roots or deep, spreading roots. Shallow roots will be just fine. If the trees have deep, widespread roots, however, they can be dangerous.

Roots can spread out enough to penetrate sewer lines. If this happens, your sewer lines will be damaged. Once this happens, you will start having problems with your sewer system, which can lead to a lot of money in repairs. A tree removal company can cut through the roots that are reaching out to your sewer system. Removal of the tree is your best option, however, as the roots will regrow and spread out again in the future.

Talk to a tree removal company. They can come to your home and determine if you should have one or more trees removed. If so, they can remove them for you. It is important that hire them to do this instead of doing this on your own. This is because you would likely cause damage and injure yourself.

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