Ways To Prepare Your Home For Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Are your existing hardwood floors looking a bit rough, or do you have carpeting you want to get rid of that is covering natural hardwood? If so, you can restore those floors to their former beauty by having them refinished. This is a big job that you'll likely want to leave to the professionals, but they won't do everything for you. Here are some tips that you can follow to prepare for hardwood refinishing.

Move All Your Furniture

The biggest challenge of refinishing your hardwood flooring is going to be clearing the rooms of all items. There is no way around this problem, since you can't exactly shift furniture around while the flooring experts are trying to do their job. You'll need to come up with a plan for where all your furniture is going to go while the job is done over several days.

You should consider moving all of the items into your garage so that they are completely out of the way, or you could move them into another room of the house that is not going to have the floors refinished. Some people even rent a storage container so that they can move the items into their yard and have them be protected. 

Tear Up The Carpeting

If you are replacing old carpeting, know that you can save on your refinishing costs by tearing out the carpeting on your own. You'll want to roll the carpet up into small sections so that they can be taken away with your local trash collection. Then go around the room and pull out any staples or nails that were holding the carpeting in place, since those can damage the sanding equipment. 

Cover Your Vents

Before the flooring contractors arrive, you'll want to shut down your HVAC system and cover the vents in any rooms where work is being done. While flooring contractors have services that they refer to as dust-free floor sanding, it isn't  possible for sanding to be 100% dust free. Some dust can still find its way into the air, and you do not want it getting into your ducts. Do yourself a favor and shut down the system and tape some plastic over the vents so that nothing gets in or out. 

Not sure what else you should be doing to prep your home? Reach out to your hardwood flooring contractor for more information. They'll let you know everything that you can do to help the job go as smoothly as possible for everyone.