Metal Roof Installation: Top Homeowner Questions

Metal roofing is easily one of the most popular types of residential roofing material. If it is time for you to replace your roof or if you just have a bit of curiosity about metal roofing overall, you probably have a few questions. Check out a few questions homeowners tend to have most often about installing metal roofing. 

Will the old roofing have to be removed?

Old roofing may have to be removed if it is severely deteriorated, if it will compromise the even placement of new metal panels, or if its weight paired with the new panels will be too much for the roof to handle. Additionally, certain types of roofing cannot have metal placed over it. Metal panels do not generally get installed over old metal panels, for example. It is quite common for metal to be installed over old asphalt shingles, however. 

Can metal roofing panels be used as siding?

Metal roofing panels can be used as siding on a home, and it is frequently used for this purpose. You do have to keep in mind that some types of metal panels will work better than others. For example, something like galvanized steel may not be the best fit, but aluminum panels could do well. Also, some form of sheathing is usually required under the siding before it is installed. 

Is metal roofing bad during a lightning storm?

Even though it is a common misconception, metal roofing does not actually attract lightning. Lightning takes the path of least resistance when it strikes, which means it naturally arcs toward high-reaching objects. Even though the top of a home is pretty high, it is usually not higher than surrounding trees, telephone poles, and other objects. Therefore, you should not be worried during a lightning storm if you do have a metal roof. 

What is the best type of metal roofing?

You can get metal roofing panels in copper, aluminum, zinc, steel, and even tin or a combination metal that is made from multiple metal alloys. Determining what type of metal is best can have a lot to do with the environment where you live and your own expectations. Copper, for example, can be really beautiful and extremely durable, but it will oxidize and change colors with age, which some owners don't like. The most commonly used metal roofing panels are made out of galvanized steel. 

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