Why A Polyurethane Waterproof Deck Coating Is A Good Way To Seal Your Deck

If you're building a roof deck or a balcony deck for an upper level of your home, you'll probably want to apply a waterproof deck coating as a finishing touch. The coating can be applied directly to the plywood base.

You might be able to apply it yourself, but you might want to hire a contractor to apply the coating since it has to be applied in a certain way under the right outdoor conditions. There are a few options for deck waterproofing, but a polyurethane coating is a good option to consider. Here's why.

Polyurethane Coating Comes In Different Colors

You can choose the color for your deck when you have a coating applied. You might want white so your deck reflects the sun rather than soak up heat. However, if you want tan, gray, or some other color, you can probably find what you need.

Since the coating starts out as a thick liquid similar to paint, the contractor can control the thickness of the coating and they can even apply it so the coating has texture for traction. A polyurethane deck coating is attractive and non-slippery.

Painted Waterproof Deck Coatings Are Seamless

A waterproof coating can be applied with a brush, sprayer, or roller. This allows the contractor to create a seamless waterproof barrier for your deck. Rain will roll off the deck and drain away without worry over water leaking between the seams. The plywood stays dry and has a long life.

Polyurethane Coatings Are Easy To Repair

A waterproof deck coating is applied in several layers beginning with a primer layer once the deck has been cleaned and prepped. The thick layers of coating dry out completely before a new layer is applied. This builds up the thickness of the coating and makes it durable. If damage does occur, it's usually limited to the top layers of coating. The damage can be spot repaired by painting a new coating on top.

Waterproofing Your Deck Gives It A Long Life

Without waterproofing, your deck may suffer from rot that causes the need for repairs and that makes your deck unsightly. When your deck is covered in a continuous layer of thick coating, the plywood and supports are kept dry and that increases the longevity of your deck. Since the coating is painted on, it can be applied up a knee wall and on boards with an irregular shape ensuring there are no areas left uncovered.

A polyurethane waterproof coating usually needs to be touched up every few years as the top layer wears down. However, the deep layers can last for many years as long as the coating is applied properly.

For the best application, the coating needs to be applied in an ideal temperature range and when it's not raining. It's also best to apply it early in the morning or later in the afternoon so the coating isn't in direct sunlight and doesn't dry out too fast.

To learn more, reach out to a local deck waterproofing service.