Dealing With Septic Tank Drainfield Problems

A septic tank is a big convenience to someone living in a home that's built on rural land, such as when there isn't access to city plumbing services. For example, even if there is a toilet with a plumbing line attached to it, the waste might only be routed to the ground outside rather than a municipal plumbing system. A rural homeowner could then be left with toxic waste on their property that releases a foul odor, and there is also the risk of gardens being contaminated. Many rural homeowners use septic tank systems to prevent such a problem, but the same issue could arise if the drainfield is in poor shape. If you have no clue in regards to the problems that have developed with your drainfield, you should consider hiring a professional.

Cleaning the Drainfield Lines

You might think that something is majorly wrong with your plumbing system when problems arise, but the fix might be simple. For instance, if you believe that the plumbing system isn't working because waste has been accumulating in your yard, it might be related to the drainfield needing a cleaning. The waste is actually making it through the plumbing lines and out of your house, but it isn't flowing through the drainfield pipes properly. A professional can actually clean the pipes in a speedy manner to bring your overall septic system back to a working order. Excavation will likely be needed to access the drainfield pipes, so leave it to a professional.

Reattaching Drainfield Lines

In some cases, fixing problems within a drainfield might require repairs being made to the pipes. For example, after you have had a drainfield for a while, it is possible for the pipes to become loose in the area where they're attached to the septic tank. A professional can take a look at the pipes and determine if they need attachment or not. It is possible that a connector piece that holds the pipes in place securely to the tank have become rotten or old.

The Need for a New Drainfield

There is  the possibility that your septic system is out of order because the drainfield has damage to the extent of small repairs not being sufficient enough. You might need to get a new drainfield for the septic tank. For instance, you might need new pipes and excavation work done to install them in the ground.

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