Protecting Your Property And Worksite With Fire Extinguishers

A fire extinguisher can be an effective tool for quickly putting out small fires that may start. While effective, these devices are limited in their ability and you should be prepared to maximize the protection that they can offer in the event of a fire starting in your building or on your worksite.

Ensure Workers Are Trained To Avoid Combating Large Flames With Extinguishers

An unfortunate mistake that people may make with fire extinguishers is attempting to fight a fire that is far too large for the extinguisher. This can lead to them increasing their risk of being injured or dying as a result of the fire. Once a fire has grown large, its rate of growth will accelerate, and the amount of smoke and fumes that it is creating may be oppressive. In fact, inhaling these fumes for even a few moments may be enough to cause a person to lose consciousness or become disoriented. For these reasons, only small fires should be put out using these devices, and you should train your workers to flee in the event that the fire has grown too large by the time that it is found.

Test The Pressure Of The Fire Extinguishers Every Year

A fire extinguisher that lacks enough pressure will not be able to work as expected when you are needing it. This can lead to potentially dangerous situations where a person expecting to be able to extinguish the flames may find that they are defenseless and near a rapidly growing fire. At a minimum, the fire extinguishers that you are using to protect your property should have their internal pressure tested at least once every year. These assessments can limit the risk of discovering that the fire extinguisher lacks enough pressure during an emergency situation. These tests can only take a few minutes, and many fire extinguisher testing services can also repressurize these devices if they are determined to have low pressure.

Store The Extinguishers In Cabinets

Keeping the fire extinguishers safe and accessible can be an important set of factors to balance. Fire extinguisher cabinets are an effective option that can keep these devices safe from common types of damage while still ensuring that they will be easily accessed in an emergency. Some of these cases can even be connected to fire alarm systems so that the entire building can be automatically notified when a fire extinguisher is needed. This will allow for evacuations to start as soon as possible to limit the risk of loss of life.