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Roofing Accidents Easily Averted: Seven Ways To Stay Safe

Homeowners who prefer do-it-yourself repair work may find themselves working on the rooftop occasionally. Safety measures should be taken to avoid accidents that could cause serious injury. This often means the use of safety equipment as well as paying attention to weather conditions and conditions of the roof in general. If you find yourself making inspections or repairs on your residential roof, there are several factors to keep in mind to ensure your safety as you do: Read More 

3 Simple DIY Dishwasher Repairs

Dishwashers are one of the most convenient appliances in the home. Because of this, you are likely to start missing your dishwasher quickly if it stops working. While many homeowners leave dishwasher repairs to a professional, there are several simple fixes that anyone can do. Here are three common problems that you may encounter with your dishwasher, and what you can do to fix them. Dishwasher is Leaking Dishwasher leaks can get out of hand quickly and cause water damage to the floor around your dishwasher. Read More 

7 Tips For Avoiding Burst Pipes In The Winter

Frozen pipes pose a serious risk to your property. Not only will frozen pipes leave you without running water until they thaw out, but they can also burst. Burst pipes can lead to serious indoor flooding and water damage, with the average cleanup costing $15,000. Coming home to a flooded kitchen or home is immensely stressful. Rather than deal with the immense expense and inconvenience that result from burst pipes, it is best to avoid letting your pipes freeze and burst in the first place. Read More 

3 Ways To Do Excellent DIY Wood Siding Repairs

Do you have wood siding on your home that needs some repairs? You may be able to do some of the siding repairs yourself. Wood siding is an excellent way to give a house instant character and charm, and makes it stand out from the crowd. It gives a house a historic look, even if it's brand new, and is often a big selling point for buyers who want that old-fashioned appearance. Read More 

3 Ways To Stop Water From Getting In Your Basement

Having too much water in your yard can lead to water in your basement, and this is never a good thing. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent standing water in your yard and water in your basement. To learn which steps are right for your home, talk to a contractor. He may recommend installing one or more of the following drainage systems. Retaining Wall A retaining wall is a wall built with bricks or blocks in a yard. Read More