Why A Polyurethane Waterproof Deck Coating Is A Good Way To Seal Your Deck

If you're building a roof deck or a balcony deck for an upper level of your home, you'll probably want to apply a waterproof deck coating as a finishing touch. The coating can be applied directly to the plywood base. You might be able to apply it yourself, but you might want to hire a contractor to apply the coating since it has to be applied in a certain way under the right outdoor conditions. Read More 

Why The Quality Of Watertight Doors Is Very Important When You’re Buying For A Cruise Ship

If you are looking to purchase watertight doors for your cruise ship, you might have noticed that they are actually available from a variety of different brands and in a variety of different price ranges. In addition to looking for watertight doors that are a proper fit for your cruise ship, you should also make sure that they are of a high level of quality. These are some of the reasons why choosing high-quality watertight doors is so important. Read More 

Are Foundation Repairs in a Potential Home a Deal Breaker?

If you are a potential homeowner with your eye on a specific property, the in-depth home inspection can sometimes be nerve-wracking. In a perfect world, an inspection would yield a report that there is absolutely nothing wrong with your home; everything is up to code and in tip-top condition. However, in reality, most homes have a few things that need some work. Some homes need a lot of work. For those that need quite a bit of attention, you may be wondering if they are worth buying, or if you should move on to homes with fewer problems. Read More 

Ready To Get Your Vintage Airstream On The Road? Why You Need To Use A Professional Renovation Company

If you want to renovate an airstream, you may have decided to tackle it as a do-it-yourself project. Unfortunately, that isn't the best route to take. This is especially true if you've never tackled a major renovation project before. If you're going to hit the road once your airstream renovation's completed, don't take chances. You want to know that the work gets done right. That's where a professional renovation service comes into the picture. Read More 

Three Problems Spray Foam Insulation Prevents

Insulation is essential in any home. It keeps your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. There are many different types of insulation you can choose from, including fiberglass and cotton. But one option stands head and shoulders above the rest: spray foam. And spray foam is not just a good choice because it keeps your energy bills lower than the other types of insulation. It also helps prevent these three problems that you often do notice with other types of insulation. Read More